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Chupa Full Movie Review 2023

Chupa Full Movie Review

In this article we are going to give you Chupa full movie review. So, stay tuned and read this article till end.

Film: Chupa

Release Date: April 7, 2023

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Drama

Language: English

Cast: Demián Bichir, Evan Whitten, Christian Slater, Ashley Ciarra, Nickolas Verdugo, Berna Kenshin, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Krystin Goodwin, Gonzalo Robles, Alex Knight

Director: Jonás Cuarón

Writer: Joe Barnathan, Marcus Rinehart and Sean Kennedy Moore

Producer: Mark Redcliffe, Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan

Cinematography: Nico Aguilar

Production: 26th Street Pictures

Music: Carlos Rafael Rivera

Story : Chupa Movie Review

Chupa is a Netflix original movie which is set in1996. It revolves around a 13 year old Mexican- Americanboy Alex (Evan Whitten) who lives in Kansas City and a mythical creature Chupacabra. Alex is a lonely boy who is bullied in school by his classmates. His father died of cancer and his single mother stays in Kansas City for her work. His mother sent him to Mexico to visit his extended family for the first time. He flew to Mexico all by himself and there he meets his grandfather Chava (DemiánBichir) who is a former luchalibrechampion and his cousins Memo (Nickolas Verdugo) who is obsessed with wrestling and very energetic and older Luna (Ashley Ciarra).

He goes through a period where he faces confusion as he is neither accepted as a Mexican or an American. He only clings closer to his American identity after meeting his cousins on the trip as he gets discouraged by the language barrier.Slowly he gets a little comfortable, learns many things like experiments with fireworks, tries Mexican food and things about being a luchador just how his father was. Then one day he findsa mythical creature Chupacabra cub hiding in his grandfather’s shed. At first Alex is scared of Chupa but eventually they gain each other’s trust, creates a strong bond of friendship and Chupa also earns Alex’s sympathy.

A cunning evil scientist played by Christian Slater is after Chupa and through the movie we learn that the economic worth of Chupa is really high. The story then continues on Alex with the help of his grandfather and his cousins trying to protect his family and also the adorable Chupa. He also learns about who he really is in the journey and to stand up for himself.

Good Aspects of the Chupa Movie

Chupa is an original idea from the generic of family film and the story is really very well balanced between the story of the young boy Alex and the Chupacabra. It gives attention, focus and enough screenplay to both the characters, no one overlaps the story of the other and it gives such a warm and loveable vibe. The movie has a good storyline and the best thing about the movie is it’s theme which is family. We all know how important family is to all of us and watching something related to family provides more happiness.

We can all relate to the story, the values, the traditions, the importance that it wants us to focus on. It is also good for people who feel distant and out of the place from their family and also has problems to really get connected well with their families but later tries to understand and tries to work it out with their families. As they will connect well with Alex.

It will definitely help every individual audience to connect with their family more, to understand each other, learning where they come from, the roots, the traditions, the values and gives a message and a lesson that “a family that sticks together, stays together”. At the end it is family that always matters and comes first. The connection that the director created between Alex and Chupa was absolutely perfect.

The movie portrays a lot of Spanish language, the Mexican tradition, foods, Latin music and all of these is done in such a seamless way which will also helps the younger children with their outlook of other cultures and learn about them.

The cinematography is brilliant. The CGI character Chupa felt so real and sometimes it made me think only if Chupa was real and I could have a friend like Chupa in real life as well. Going against the rumours of the Latin-American legendary Chupacabra being a hairless goat sucker monster the director showed a very cute, furry, chirping version of Chupacabra which every kid will fall in love with. He is beyond adorable with his cute little eyes. The target audience being children is a great strategy because it will definitely grab a lot of attention which it already has done as just after its release after 48 hours it took the number one spot on Netflix.

The movie also shows the reality of human beings, specially the adults. How cruel they can be. They can do anything just to have more money and power over anything and everything. And this is demonstrated by the evil scientist played by Christian Slater. It truly shows that the most scary creature is no one but human beings, even a mythical creature Chupa is not scary how it is said to be in the old tales. Even the bullying of Alex because of his heritage and the scientists being after Chupa shows that people can be real cruel when something or someone looks different from them. In this the parallel story between Alex and Chupa is connected really well.

There are few scenes which are shot in such a style that the shots are getting cut which in turn shows the dialogue scenes between the close and wide shots in one single take and it looks perfect. It helps to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning till the end. Even the first reveal of Chupacabra who is shown whimpering and quivering under the evil scientists flashlight is shot beautifully. So, I suggest you to watch Chupa full movie.

Negative Aspects of Chupa Movie

The movie is a family centric film specially made for children but still there are certain parts which the adults might feel to be a little bit dragged. At some scenes it looks that the director tried to do too much which was not at all required.

The story revolves around Alex and Chupa but a the depth of the character’s stories and also the dive into the myth of the Chupacabra was missing. A little more details could have been better. Also, there are less “keep a box of tissues” scenes in the movie. The movie lacked the point to show the audience that Alex is Chupa and Chupa is Alex. These missing points made the movie a bit common. And it also takes too long to come to the actual part of the movie, the story of Chupacabra and Alex. The first half was a bit slow.

Chupa Movie Actors Performance

Alex (Evan Whitten) plays the main role in this movie alongside the Chupacabra. His performance was really brilliant. His raw acting made him more relatable specially to the young children of his age. They could understand Alex when he says “He does not care about Spanish, the music, the food” when he is bullied in the school for his heritage and is mourning his father’s death. The way he showcased his connection with the CGI mythical creature Chupacabra he did professionally as it looked very real. His acting was refreshing to the eyes.

Christian Slater has played his role of evil scientist really well. His acting made us really hate the character and for the character to just disappear from the scenes. It shows how good Slater is as an actor.

Coming to another important character of the movie Chava played by Demián Bichir we can say he did the best among all the actors in the movie. The emotional heart of the movie is Demián Bichir. He played his character so well that the gravity, the emotions of the film was conveyed to the audience best. No one could have played the role of Chava better than Demián Bichir.

The supporting cast that is Memo played by Nickolas Verdugo and Luna played by Ashley Ciarra did a pretty good job. So, I suggest you to watch Chupa full movie.

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Chupa Full Movie Review

Chupa is a refreshing family movie that we all missed. It is sweet, innocent, warm and a sincere movie that teaches a lot about family. My favourite line from this movie is “You don’t have to be alone anymore”. This dialogue, this scene made me a little emotional because sometimes we are too alone even if we are with our own people and sometimes no one understands us. We just want someone to be with us so that we are not alone anymore and to understand us, our emotions, feelings. And the movie showed all these too well. It was only Chupa who understood Alex the best.

As I said, this movie made me want to have Chupa in my life as well. It is worth giving a watch. I highly recommend this movie. So on a Saturday night do watch this movie with your family. So, this was Chupa full movie review.