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Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review

In this article we are going to give you, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review. Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar released this Holi season stars Ranbir Kapoor who is back with another rom-com and Shraddha Kapoor as the leading actors.

Film: Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar

Release Date: March 8, 2023

Director: Luv Ranjan

Producers: Luv Ranjan and Ankur Garg

Cinematography: Santhana Krishnan and Ravi Chandran

Music Director: Pritam

Editor: Akiv Ali and Chetan Solanki

Story – Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review

Mickey (Ranbir Kapoor) who comes from a wealthy Delhi family and manages several of his family’s businesses. He has a side business and works as a break-up artist which he secretly runs with his friend Mannu (stand-up comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi) who is basically Mickey’s brother from another mother, a very Luv Ranjan’s typical trope. Mannu, best friend of Mickey is about to get married to Kinchi (Monica Chaudhary) who turns out to be the best friend of Tinny (Shraddha Kapoor). Mickey and Tinny meets at the bachelor party of Mannu and Kinchi in Spain where Mickey Falls in love with Tinni instantly which is a typical Bollywood rom-com plot. Though, Tinni is hesitant at first but eventually falls in love with Mickey.

Mickey is someone who is family oriented and Tinni is an independent, confident and more career oriented who needs her own space in her life. When they return to Delhi, their families get involved and things get out of hand. Suddenly Tinni wants to part her ways from Mickey and the marriage is cancelled. The story is all about family values, romance, what are the problems? Whether Mickey and Tinni sorted out their problems or not.

Drawabacks – Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review

The first hour is unnecessarily dragged and has a very mediocre plot. It looked aimless and showed in a very tad slow. The locations in the first half used is Spain but the entire part is very boring and predictable. The male and female protagonist meets in an obvious place, falls in love with each other in the most absurd manner and that also after only one song and with that are added some cliché, cheesy pickup lines which are misogynist.

Even the female lead has some problematic lines. It looked like Imtiaz Ali’s “Tamasha” where the boy meets the girl on a trip, falls in love with each other at the first sight, rules of relationship is laid down and then problems and complications occur, just in place of Deepika Padukone the role is replaced with Shraddha Kapoor. The first half is all about fun and flirt and romance and it is light hearted and good to the eyes but everything seemed aimless.

There are not just one or two monologue but countless monologue delivery between the lead protagonists in the first half. There were so many monologues that even Mannu gets to say one. It becomes tiring to watch at one point.

Luv Ranjan has set the first half in a very loud pitched where we can see Dimple Kapadia, who played the role of Mickey’s mother, shouting at Mickey the moment she entered the scene, compelled to show her lung power to the fullest. Little breathing space is provided between one monologue to another. The tunes and dialogue delivery is also sometimes very shriek.

Some scenes were over the top. Though, humour was presented well in the movie but some jokes seemed very forced to make one laugh.

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Highlights – Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar is a perfect balance of romance and comedy. It has a beautiful family drama and emotions and these elements are presented in the second half. If the first half was light-hearted and romance then the second half was serious and relevant. The movie finally picks up the pace in the second half of the film where it turns out to have the biggest surprises, the family drama, the conflicts which was actually a surprise as it was not something which was shown in the trailer. It is in this time when the movie becomes thought-provoking and entertaining.

The conflict that arises between Mickey and Tinni after their families get involved is quite relatable and portrays the modern-day relationships. The female unlike in the other movies of Luv Ranjan i.e. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety and Pyaar Ka Punchnama, the female protagonist is not portrayed as a manipulative, constantly scheming or the villain. There is more to the table as in whether they are compatible with each other, they fit in each other’s puzzle or not, individual ideas and opinions which does not make any gender the villain. And it is the most matured portrayal of a relationship by Luv Ranjan.

The essence and beauty of friendship was captured very well.  Mickey’s best friend Mannu may seem to be a friend good for nothing but he is the one who asks Mickey to give up on his ego when things do get out of his hands. Their bromance is a win over the romance if the lead couples in the first half. And even the family relationships were very heart-warming.

The music and songs in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar are amazing and it has been a long time since Bollywood gave such proper chartbuster hits and album. All the six songs are composed brilliantly by Pritam which shows how good he is in his work and the songs are without any doubt entertaining and can make anyonegroove to the songs. The smooth transition to the song “Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar” where Ranbir’s effortlessly foot-tapping becomes a trend to “Maine Pi Rakhi Hai” where Shraddha looks gorgeous and showed her dance skill. The best of all was the emotional song “O Bedardeya” with the soulful voice of everyone’s favourite none other than Arijit Singh. The weakest for me was “Show me the Thumka” both as a song and from the choreography point of view.

Artist’s Performance

Talking about the lead actor Ranbir Kapoor, he is the best suited actor for the rom-com amongst the new generation heroes. He looked charming in the movie. His body language, dialogue delivery, looks, mannerisms, dancing skills all were on point. He played the role of a loveable, flirty, romantic guy and the sad, heart-broken hero very well and with a lot of ease. No doubt he is said to be such a great actor. Casting Ranbir Kapoor was important to the movie. The weak plot can be somewhat ignored thanks to Ranbir Kapoor. It can be said that he carried the whole movie on his back. His scenes and images in the first half though looked like his earlier movies “Bachna Ae Haseeno” and “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” whereas in the second half it will remind you of “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”.

Coming to the female protagonist, Shraddha Kapoor, she did much better acting in this movie compared to her other movies. She looked drop dead gorgeous and beautiful. Her expressions, dancing skills, nuances were portrayed well though she seemed inconsistent and went a little overboard in vulnerable and emotional scenes. And, at times they did not even looked real.

Though both Ranbir and Shraddha did well but in comparison to Ranbir’s acting Shraddha’s acting seemed a little flat and that is why their chemistry off. Much better chemistry was expected from such a good and unique pairing.

Dimple Kapadia, who played the role of Mickey’s mother was cherry on top. She holds a strong presence and her acting was too natural. She is the loud yet loving and caring mother. He motherly nature reminds us of our own mother.

The Bollywood debut of Bony Kapoor was a surprise. Though he is not given much dialogues and proper scenes stills he manages to stand out of the crowd. He makes everyone laugh in the climax scene. It would have been better if he was given more screen timing and dialogues.

Technical Brilliance

The cinematography is excruciating, throughout the movie we find colourful and bright scenes. The songs and set designs both looked lavish. The editing required much better work.

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Movie Review Conclusion

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar is typical age-old romance but with modern touch. The incorporation of family drama in a love story providing a plot relatable to this generation was well executed. It is like a rollercoaster ride of 164 minutes. The movie takes too long to make the point. The airport scenes will definitely make you laugh. If the first part was portrayed better and the length was reduced then it would have been a perfect but still it is an enjoyable movie.