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Gumraah Full Movie Review 2023

Gumraah Full Movie Review

In this article we are going to discuss Gumraah full movie review. So, stay tuned and read this article till end.

Film: Gumraah

Release Date: April 7, 2023

Genre: Crime Thriller

Starring: Aditya Roy Kapur, Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Roy, Vedika Pinto

Director: Vardhan Ketkar

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Anjum Ketani, Krishnan Kumar

Based On: Thadam (2019) by Magizh Thirumeni

Cinematography: Vineet Malhotra

Editor: Sahil Nayar

Gumraah Full Movie Story Review

Gumraah is a remake of 2019 Tamil film “Thadam” by Magizh Thirumeni. It casts Mrunal Thakur as Shivani Mathur and Aditya Roy Kapur who has a double role in the movie. He plays the role of a successful civil engineer Arjun and his look a like Roonie who is involved with small crimes and is a conman.The story begins with a murder that takes place in a bungalow, in Delhi but no evidence is found. Based on a neighbour’s selfie which captured the murderer’s face SI Shivani Mathur played by Mrunal Thakur carries on the investigation which leads to the arrest of Arjun (Aditya Roy Kapur).

He does say that he is innocent but his alibi has many loopholes.Assistant Commissioner Dhiren Yadav(Ronit Roy) senior of Shivani has some bitter past with Arjun and wants to prove him guilty and make him rot in prison. Dhiren was sure and confident that it is an open and shut case but soon they face a serious problem during the investigation when Arjun’s lookalike Roonie is also caught as the suspect. One murder and two suspects who are identical. The confusion begins and the question remains who did the murder? Or will the murderer get away?

Negative Points of Gumraah Movie

First of all, it is a remake of a Tamil movie “Thadam”, so it has exactly the same plot as the original. So there is no point in watching this movie if someone has already watched the original one as there will be nothing new. At this point the question arises why do Bollywood keeps making such remakes? Are there no new ideas for movies?

The plot was made complicated with too many flashback including divorce, romance, a not so important villain who is trying to get his money back from Ronnie and his sidekick Chaddi (Deepak Kalra) and a mother who is a habitual gambler.All the twists and turns felt very forced and the story telling was very dull.

Layers are added which are absolutely insignificant and only makes the story more complicated. The script runs into different directions like Roonie and his sidekick Chaddi’s childhood flashback, weak romantic song scene between Arjun and Janhvi (Vedika Pinto) or some average picturised songs which are not even that good and not a single one is a chart buster. And all these leads to the dissolve of the tension, whenever it starts to build up. Some scenes were absolutely ridiculous and did not made any sense and had no reality as well. For example the airport scene where we find Arjun and the girl he woos in the elevator are literally laying flat on the floor in the Mumbai airport at T2 terminal and are kissing each other while the other passengers and airport staff are found to be simply walking past them.

Coming to the clues and proofs of the killer, it was not very convincing. It looked as if the proofs were falling from the sky and falling on the laps of the police without any effort. The couple clicks selfie from such an angle at the right time that the face of the murderer is captured without them noticing, the killer does not try to camouflage and hide but instead wears such an outfit,which is yellow in colour, which can be seen even from afar but still gets to get away because guess what? He is very smart and intelligent to not leave any evidence on the scene of the murder but his face gets captured in a selfie.

Even for some audience it becomes easy to guess the real culprit and so many twists and turns makes scenes predictable. Not much effort over the set designs, transitions from one song to another scene, the distinction between Arjun and Roonie were given. Even the blood that was found looks like a lipstick stain. Much more work and effort and planning was required.

Good Aspects of Gumraah Movie

Though Gumraah did not put much effort into making the scenes but the action sequences were done quite well. It also has some dialogues which made certain scenes quite humorous and provides LOL moments which seemed natural and unintentional.

The choice of the cast was well thought of. All the actors complimented each other and looked good on the big screen.

And though there are many twists and turns and some are predictable still because of the suspense and twists and turns the movie can be given a brownie point as it can keep the audiences on the edge of their seats till the climax. The second half of the movie is far better than the first half, it was not that boring like the first half of the movie. So, I suggest to watch Gumraah full movie.

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Gumraah Movie Actor’s Performance

To start off with the male protagonist we have Aditya Roy Kapur. The dashing, handsome and an actor loved by many. Aditya Roy Kapurhas a double role in the movie; a neat, clean, successful civil engineer Arjun and a rowdy Roonie who is always ready to fight and does small crimes. Aditya Roy Kapur did a different role this time unlike his other soft natured roles in his previous movies. We can say he did good in differentiating the two lookalikes at the beginning by his different ways of dialogue delivery, body language and style at the beginning of the movie.

But halfway through the movie we cannot find the difference in their way of talking and it seemed to be brushed up under the carpet. The only things that distinguished both of them are their outfits, one wore solid shirts and the other a printed one to showcase that he is a tough guy who is a rowdy and is involved in small crimes. Not much was given to showcase the real talent of Aditya Roy Kapur.

The female protagonist Mrunal Thakur also did not get much to do. She is an amazing actress and we all know that. This time she got a role which is different from her earlier emotional roles. She played the role of a lady cop and we can say she did justice to her character. But the character looked confused and determined at the same time.

Ronit Roy who plays the role of Dhiren Yadav did good no doubt but he has been playing the same kind of roles in all the movies. It’s high time he choose some different kind of roles to play.

The best out of all the cast was Janhvi (Vedika Pinto). Her acting was very natural. Her expressions, dialogue delivery, body language everything was done with great ease. Though the chemistry between Arjun and Janhvi is missing still Janhvi carried it out alone quite well. Screen timing was very less but hoping to see her getting more screen play in the future.

Gumraah Full Movie Review Conclusion

Ghumraah is said to be based on real incidents which is also shown in the end credit. It does make one curious to find out what happens in the end? Who is the real culprit? Whether is caught or not? Whether someone innocent is getting punishment? If the murderer gets away or not?

The movie answers the question of what happened in real life. Only if the production was made with more effort and more focus was given on the editing, art department and story telling then it could have been a hit movie. This movie will not hold the audience’s attention in the first half and sometimes in the second half but the twists and turns will keep one at the edge of their seat in the climax scene. More suspense and thrill was required. So, this was Gumraah full movie review.